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Pills, Cards And Knots For Love

Below, I've laid out the steps for 5 very different (and very effective) love spells. Not only are they unique, but they are fun to cast and can bring some excellent results. Here we go...


Your "Magick Ability Test"

...were you born with the power to do Magick? Find out...

Question #1:

Are you a man or a woman?

Rose Ariadne's "Love Pill" Spell

This spell will reveal your true love in your dreams over the next 9 nights.

What you'll need:

* 1 hazelnut
* 1 nutmeg
* 1 walnut
* Butter
* Sugar

STEP 1: Grind one dry hazelnut, nutmeg, and a walnut together in a powder.

STEP 2: Mix butter and sugar and add it to the powder.

STEP 3: Form 9 tiny balls (pills) with the mixture.

STEP 4: Keep them refrigerated, and take 1 pill each night for the next 9 nights.

STEP 5: Each night you'll dream about another aspect or vision of your true love. As soon as you awake, write the exact things that are revealed in your dreams. At the end, you may know exactly who your true love will be. :)

Rose's "Love Of Queens 'n' Kings" Spell

This is another spell that will show you accurate visions of your true love in your dreams.

What you'll need:

* 1 deck of playing cards

STEP 1: If you're looking for a man, remove all 4 Kings from the deck. If you want to find a woman, remove the 4 Queens.

STEP 2: Place the cards that you have removed under your pillow.

STEP 3: Every time you wake up during the night and/or in the morning, write down exactly what you remember from each dream. Over the course of 7 nights you'll have a pretty accurate picture of your true love.

Rose's "New Moon, New Love" Spell

As the title suggests, do this at the time of the new moon. This can attract a new love into your life.

What you'll need:

* 1 adam root

* 1 eve root

* Essential oils of: jasmine, rose, petit grain, gardenia, and tuberose

* A large mirror

STEP 1: Mix the essential oils together. This makes a powerful love attraction oil.

STEP 2: On the night of the new moon place the roots on either side of the mirror.

STEP 3: Every night, annoint the roots with the love drawing oil you created in step 1, and move them a little closer together.

STEP 4: Do this each night until the full moon. On the night of the full moon you'll move them together so they touch. (You can substitue the roots for figurines representing you and a love interest if you wish.)

Rose Ariadne's Fairy Knot Spell

What you'll need:

* A knot from a willow tree branch
* 3 strands of your hair
* Love attraction oil (see step 1 of the "Rose's New Moon New Love Spell")

STEP 1: At a basic altar setup, dress the willow knot with your love attraction oil.

STEP 2: Make a braid with your 3 strands of hair.

STEP 3: Tie the small braid to the willow knot with red thread.

STEP 4: Place the willow knot inside a red silk bag, and sleep with it under your pillow. Then wait for a new lover to come into your life.


Your "Magick Ability Test"

...were you born with the power to do Magick? Find out...

Question #1:

Are you a man or a woman?

Important Disclaimer: Spell casting is more art than science... and even the most gifted Magickal Practitioner will not be successful every time. The spells, rituals, and techniques listed on this site are for entertainment purposes only. You may not get the intended results of any spell, ritual, or technique on this site.