Magick FAQ

What Is Magick?

"Magick" is a term that describes the use of your emotions, belief, will, and intentions to release energy for the purpose of making positive changes in your life. This is accomplished by using a process including meditation, visualization, and ritual.

Some call it the "Law Of Attraction". Various religions call it "Prayer". The mystical practices call it "Magick".

Does It Really Work?

It works in a similar way as "positive thinking"... and "positive action". The mind and spirit are very powerful tools. Magick is simply a way to program these tools to help attract desires and goals.

Any time you combine positive thought, belief in yourself, and positive action, you will succeed in achieving what you seek. Magick is a fun and empowering way to create this process inside of you.

How Fast Do Magick Spells Work?

It all depends on many things. Too many to list here. Results vary by individual... by desire... by spell.

Some people see positive results in hours or days. Some people see reults in months or years.

Like with anything, "practice makes perfect". Working at something daily, for long periods of time will wield the best results, always. It's no different with Magick.

It's important not to obsess on "how fast will this spell work?"... but to continue moving forward knowing that the Magickal journey you are on will put you in a much better place. If you work it at, looking back months from now, you'll be amazed by how your life has changed for the better.

What Can Magick Do?

If your mind, spirit, and emotions are in the right place... and you keep moving forward with positive action toward your desires, there's nothing Magick can't help you accomplish.

Magick can help attract prosperity... love... luck... comfort... friendship... protection... happiness... and more.

As long as you keep believing... don't give up... and work hard on both a Magickal and "mundane" level, you can create the life you dream of.

How Do I Get Started?

Take advantage of all the free information on this site. Read the articles. Try a few of the simple spells. Print out things you like. Explore other websites as well. Just be careful. There's a lot of misinformation out there.

Find a teacher that resonates with you, and start slow. Make sure you "feel it"... and really believe it.

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