Simple Mystic Miracles - My Mission

My mission: to empower as many people as I can with Magick, to help them lead lives of happiness - filled with love, prosperity and comfort.

I accomplish this by bringing my honest Magickal teachings to the world... all based in truth and real experience.

Not only do I provide teachings for free on the Simple Mystic Miracles website and "Magick Friday" email newsletter publication... but I'm also working on providing some Magick books, courses, and kits.

Through experience, I have found the best Magickal learning is done in an organized step-by-step fashion laid out by a teacher who cares. I'm taking great care in creating my training materials with this in mind... complete with checklists, manuals, workbooks, audio CD's, and video DVD examples.

Above all, it's important that the teacher practices what he or she "preaches"... and is completely honest in presenting the spells and techniques. I've done my very best to do just that, and I hope all who visit get something out of my work.