Rose Ariadne

Can You Practice Witchcraft?

Does the Magick of Witchcraft really exist? Can you really do Magick spells that bring the results you desire? How can I get started?

These are questions I get from my beginning students all over the world.

My short answer to all of these is a resounding, "Yes."

Like anything worth doing in this life, you discover the secrets of success by jumping in with both practice...and by having a caring teacher that has your best interests at heart. It's no different with the practice of witchcraft.

You see, Magick is simply a term we use to define energy. Energy that is released when we tap into our unlearned human potential.

Now, practicing Witchcraft has a lot to do with your self discipline and willpower. Discipline to find a good teacher, and follow their lead. Willpower to stick with it, even when it seems your spells are not bringing any results.

Remember, becoming a well-rounded Witch is not a quick and easy process. Time...patience...and real effort is required. Use the successes you experience with your first spells to keep your interest and drive.

Focus, focus, focus, and practice will get you where you want to be in the Magickal arts.

If you are brand new, I always suggest a trip down to a local bookstore or the library. Find a wide range of books and read through them so you can begin seeing what Witchcraft tradition resonates with you.

Just be careful not to study books exclusively. It's important to take each section of a book that resonates with you, and practice a few of the techniques. Hands on experience is always the best teacher...and it's even better if you have someone with experience looking over your shoulder.

I also recommend researching different covens in your local area. Finding a good group of people to practice rituals, spells, and meditations with can do wonders for you on the Magickal path.

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