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The True Meaning Of Pagan Symbols

Many of the pagan symbols we use in Wicca/Witchcraft stem directly from Celtic lore, or have been adapted frm the Celts.

The Celtic culture has a rich history...filled with legends, heros, Gods, and art. It is believed most of these designs have evolved from the "Book of Kells".

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is one of the favorite Irish symbols. You can find it all throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and everywhere in between.

It is the Druids who created designs on stones to mark terrain. In fact, many of the crosses in Ireland are a combination of a Druidic Celtic cross and the mark of St. Patrick as well.

The circle signifies an endless cycle that has no beginning or end to it.

The cross itself symbolizes the connection between the earth and paradise. It also goes back much farther than Christianity. (A very interesting fact! :) )

The Double-Spiral - You can observe these everywhere in nature, and in design. From plant vines to tree growth rings, to whirlpools, plants, tornatoes, and more.

They are also found on animals like snakes, shells, snails, turtles, etc.

Different cultures around the world have studied the designs on animals, and used them for various things. The double spiral is no different, and was adopted by the Celts to represent the path fo the sun.

The single spiral - the Celts use the single spiral to represent life... death... and rebirth as someone moves through eternity. A secondary meaning is the sense of human growth - developing outwardly.

This symbol means power, independence, and human migration.

The single spiral is not just specific to Celts, but also to areas of Nepal, and rock carvings in Utah.

The Triple Spiral - The Celts use this to represent 3 stages of the Triple Goddess... the full manifestation of the feminine, represented by the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

It also was/is used to represent the land, sea, and sky.

The Five Fold Spiral - this is also known as a "pentaskelion".

The outermost circle represents Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The "spirit" is the 5th element and also a part of the other 4 elements.

The Awen Symbol (aka "3 Rays") - This symbolizes the female/male balances of nature. The first ray symbolizes maile attributes, the left one is femal attributes... and the center represents the balance of these forces required by nature.

The Triquetra - This symbol has 3 corners and gives power to the number 3... which is and was believed to be a Magickal number. It has since also been used by Christinas to symbolize the holy trinity. (Another interesting fact!)

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