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3 Mystical Magick Oil Recipes For Protection, Love, And Prosperity

The mixing of Magick oils goes back thousands of years...and is part of the "core" of Magickal traditions.

The practice of mixing Magickal oils started with nomadic Magickal groups... most recently the Gypsies of India.

Fresh herbs and plants with Magickal properties were not always plentiful in the areas they travelled, so they'd mix them into oils as a great method to preserve their Magickal properties. This way they could create Magick quickly while traveling.

These oils, concocted with dried herbs keep the essense of the botanicals for years.

There are also the "condition oils" created by Voodoo, and later Hoodoo practitioners. Each of these are created to cure or help with certain human conditions. Following are 3 Magickal Oil recipes you can create for yourself. These are all simple, fun, and very effective.

Use these to annoint your candles, and apply throughout your spellwork.

Magickal Van Van Oil

This "general" Magick oil can help with a lot of different things including love, luck, prosperity...and offer protection against negative energy.

What you'll need:

* Lemongrass
* Citronella
* Palmarosa
* Gingergrass
* Vetiver

STEP 1: Grind these and mix them with jojoba oil, used as a base.

BONUS STEP: You can add patchouli grass to boost the energy of the oil.

Magickal Oil Of Attraction

When you use this in your love spells, or simply rub a little on your chest before going out... it can increase your attractive qualities to potential love interests.

What you'll need:

* Grated lemon zest
* Lovage
* Vervain
* Essential oils of May chang, Melissa, Lemon Verbena
* Rose attar
* One lodestone chip
* Sweet almond oil

STEP 1: Grind the lemon zest, lovage and vervain in a mortar and pestle.

STEP 2: Transfer the contents into a bottle.

STEP 3: Add the lodestone chip, and cover with sweet almond oil... as the base of the mixture.

STEP 4: Add the essential oils of may chang, Melissa and lemon verbena little by little until you get a scent that is pleasing to you.

Magick Protection Oil

The name speaks for itself... :) This is very effective against bad spirits.

What you'll need:

* Ground cinnamon
* Galangal root
* Dry Peppermint leaves (ground)
* Dried rue
* Dried ground Vervain, or essential oil of Vetiver.

STEP 1: Mix and grind all the above ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. Add them to a base of jojoba oil. You can also use sunflower oil.

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