Rose Ariadne

Wicca Witchcraft 101: What You Must Know For
Spell Casting Success

I call all the "beginner" material for brand new witches, "Witchcraft 101". The bare bones basics of Wicca and Witchcraft.

Just some of the things included in this body of knowledge are basic theology of the God, Goddess and other deities... how to create a sacred space, how to cast a spell, how to perform a ritual, etc...

The problem is...once many people complete the beginner material, they don't know where to turn for more advanced knowledge. Many of my students email me asking... "Ok...I know how to cast a spell... what do I do now?"

If you're at that point now...or you feel you will soon be in this stage, do not worry. I'm going to recommend some excellent resources for you to continue advancing through the beautiful Magickal world of Witchcraft.

Just remember, the learning should never stop. There's always more to know.

Here are 2 "advanced" books on Wicca Witchcraft that will help move you along:

1. Progressive Witchcraft by Janet Ferrar/Gavin Bone (this book is intermediate in nature...the information you've got to know just after the basic stuff...)

2. Advanced Witchcraft by Edain McCoy

Important note: some of the struggles beginners have advancing is due to all the choices and Magickal paths out there. "Paralysis by analysis" often sets in.

It is really up to you to choose which road to follow.

It's kind of like picking your major in college. Once everyone gets through the general education courses...math, english, etc... it's time to pick a major. A specialty.

It's the same with Witchcraft.

You've got to choose your "Magickal Major".

Don't sweat this too much though...just because you go down one road, doesn't mean you can't follow another one later. (i.e. a "double" Magick major? :) )

There is a student of mine who loves crystals and she concentrates her attention on learnign the virbrations of various stones...and learning how to use them in spells and rituals.

Another one of my students is an "herbalist". The study of how to grow and use herbs for Magickal works.

So...find out all that is out there, once you've mastered the basics. There's so much to choose from, and only you can decide which path is right at this point in your life.

Just some suggestions: candle Magick, meditation, astral projection, mythology, herb Magick, and so much more... not to mention different Magick traditions.

I think you'll find that the freedom you have in learning and practicing what you want under the vast umbrella of Witchcraft is exhilarating and exciting. So much to learn... enjoy!

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