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How To Setup Your Wicca Altar For Casting Successful Magick Spells

There are 2 important things you must do before casting any spell... especially if you are a beginning Witch.

If you do these "religiously", you'll experience more emotion duriing your spells. As a result, your spells will get better results.

The 2 things I'm talking about are setting up your altar, and casting your Magick circle.

How To Setup Your Altar

Think of your altar as a special place, inside your "sacred space" where you gather, focus, and release energy for spells. This "sacred space" is also protected from outside energies... so you are completely shielded and are building up energy "in a box" so to speak.

You can setup your altar indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference, the weather, and the spell you want to cast.

Above all else, your altar should represent who you are...and the type of spell you are going to cast.

Decorate your altar...let your creativity flow, so it is a representation of who you are inside. Setup things that evoke positive emotions inside of you as well.

Make sure the area is clear of clutter and mess. Having a clean space will help you focus on your spell.

Keep in mind, you can have a "permanent altar" space inside your home, or you can setup a "temporary" altar each and every time you cast a spell. Remember, some spells call for your altar to be by a window on a full moon, so having a temporary altar you can put up and take down is a good idea.

STEP 1: Clean the entire room where your altar will be thoroughly. I like to do this by dissolving sea salt into water and using that on a nice clean cloth. Scrub down the walls, ceiling and floor.

STEP 2: Mark your circle by using any small objects that are special to you. I like to use candles or figurines/charms. Try to mark the circle at least 5 feet in diameter around your altar space.

STEP 3: Setup the rest of the room with a mystical feel if you can. Posters... fabric... pictures... candles... soft music... etc.

STEP 4: The next step is to do a cleansing of your sacred space, inside the circle. First, charge the water with positive and pure energy from your heart...then use that water to cleanse your space.

STEP 5: Setup your altar. You can use anything you wish to decorate your altar...but please try to stay away from synthetic materials. For the actual altar you can use a small table (wooden), about 1-3 feet high. You can setup your Goddess representations/figurines on the left, and the male God representations on the right.

STEP 6: Just follow this process any time you need to cast a spell, and customize your altar for that spell. Choose the colors of the candles, figurines, charms, jewelry to align with the energy you are trying to cultivate.

As long as the altar is a representation of you and what you are trying to accomplish...and you have cleansed the area, you are ready! :)

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